Specto is focused on advanced visualisation of medical image datasets in 3D.
The current Specto visualisation algorithms implement some state of the art photorealistic raytracing technics but are still
scaleable to run also on common GPU hardware in realtime.

Further Specto provides a simple and intuitive user interface to create nice coloured 3D images out of standard medical datasets.


Advanced Shading

Advanced raytracing techniques including environment and shadow lightning maps for performant high quality results

Performant Realtime Rendering

Performant scalable realtime GPU volume raytracing

Transfer Function Editor

Wysiwyg editor to simple change transfer function transparency color and lightning parameters

Touchscreen Support

Touchscreen optimised GUI interface to use Specto as presentation or teaching tool



SpectoVR uses the advanced volume rendering techiques to view the medical datasets in virtual reality.
The now availbale VR systems allow us to discover anatomic model in a new amazing way. Walk around the model, scale it, move it or just look inside out... enjoy


Requirements: Midrange CPU (Tested with GeForece GTX 970) / HTC Vive VR System

Specto 3.1.0RC1
Old Versions
Software is NOT certified for medical use.
Software may NOT be used for any public presentations including training or exhibitions.


Specto is currently getting some attention for different applications like medical visualisation or mummy exhibitions.
Sounds interesting ? Talk with sales@diffuse.ch about what we can do for you.