Image Stack Import

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With the image stack importer it is possible to import a stack of simple image files. Where the required stacking parameters can easily defined manually.
Currently only are only *.png images supported.


Imported image stack from an retina oct scan

Stacking parameters:

Files:                Number of files found to import

Presets:           Some predefined stacking parameters

Volume Size:   Size of the imported volume in millimetres. It is recommended to use something between 100 and 2000 millimetres

Mapping:         Mapping of image color values to voxel values… Using similar values like a CT hounsfield dataset, will allow to use standard transfer functions

Empty Space: For performant rendering Specto needs to now a threshold where voxels below are considered empty space (air)

Filter:               Additionally to the threshold it is possible to add use a noise filter 0.0 = off 1.0 = full filtering

Crop:               Crop the volume. values are proportion per axis 0.0 = no crop 1.0 = full crop



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